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Vivi Rita Toth - Tutor & Coach

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‘Vivi’ Rita Toth is a Language Tutor and Coach living in Berlin. Passionate about self improvement, she discovered her talents to help others to develop themselves at an early age.

She offers online lessons in German as a foreign language, Business German, Business English and Academic English.

She provides online coaching as well, especially for foreigners who are looking for motivation or relief due to the beautiful but also difficult circumstances of migration.

She studied Pedagogy, Coaching, Psychology and Tourism Management. Also she has lived in 5 countries involving Germany, Turkey, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

She is happy to consult you in English, German or Hungarian.

Also you can follow her blog to see more about her journey in self improvement. She is a dedicated language learner herself, so you will hear about her experiences as a student. She is happy to share stories about living in a foreign country and also about her artistic passion: singing.